Logo Naandi

Vision, Missions, Values

Eradicate poverty.

To be a credible organisation that upholds the values of accountability and transparency in every activity it undertakes.
To facilitate public-private partnerships in all development interventions so that state governments, the corporate sector and civil society can work together to change lives.
To be a leading not-for-profit that creates replicable, sustainable, outcome driven innovations that help eradicate poverty across the country.
To enhance the quality of life of the marginalised and less privileged in our society by addressing concerns of hunger, quality education, drinking water and livelihood opportunities.

Naandi’s work culture has evolved out of the team’s intention to make working with and for Naandi, a pleasure. And from among the myriad values that set us apart the key ones that have helped us be what we are today are:

At Naandi, integrity is sacrosanct. We believe in honesty, transparency and accountability in all matters – from fund utilization and sharing of information, to delivery of work. For us dependability and credibility is the touchstone of how we work and what we do.

Naandi recognizes that there is no alternative to teamwork if we have to help 256 million underprivileged people in the country win the battle against poverty. We also encourage feedback and consensus on programme design and implementation across cadres and verticals to promote out-of-box thinking.

Our earnest endeavor is to be a responsible and responsive partner. Objectivity and professionalism in thought and action are the hallmark of team Naandi.

If you are a member of team Naandi then you will sooner than later feel intensely involved in the lives of the people we work with at the grassroots – the prevalence of poverty and inequality in our society and need to change the equation of inequity. We believe in igniting a spark (as our logo signifies) in everybody around us with the spirit of sharing and caring, the values of respecting human dignity, the need for sharing knowledge, and the passion towards giving back to society to make it a more equal world.