Our Work

The School Excellence Program & Mumbai Public Schools

A First-of-its-kind Partnership with a State

Consistent academic results and evidence that learning levels are improving in the schools we work in across urban, rural and tribal areas has seen the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai invite Naandi to partner in a first-in- the-country school transformation drive.

This venture is taking place in 28 government schools where school teachers are being trained to teach effectively in English, and to make learning aids along with learning management tools such as assessments, tracking of learning levels of each child, customising teacher training and conducting teaching capability audits.

The School Excellence Program

Cooperative Reflective Learning methods are used to train teachers of Urdu medium schools to manage multi-level classes. Teachers are now using listening skills and empathy, core coaching skills, self reflection and introspection to help every student achieve learning competencies. 740 teachers in 62 schools have been trained for the first time in learning management.

Managing Mumbai’s schools

Naandi is ensuring that 10,000 students, none of whose families speak in English, are using English as the medium to study different subjects in their schools.

  • We manage significant numbers of the city Corporation’s English medium schools (called Mumbai Public Schools). We are also the Corporation’s principal partner in managing its Urdu medium schools, which operate under their School Excellence Programme.