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Rohini Mukherjee

Rohini is a veteran in the development space and has been active in a variety of critical roles within Naandi over the last 10 years. She joined the Global Partnerships team in 2005 and had lead it from 2007 to 2010. Rohini was also responsible for kick-starting the Bachpan project in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh in October 2005, in direct association with World Bank team.

Rohini currently heads the Policy and Advocacy cell at Naandi. The cell is the creator and custodian of the framework within which Naandi responds, operates, struggles and grows. The Policy & Advocacy Cell also ensures that Naandi is positioned strategically, nationally and globally in the arena of development discourse, as an organisation sensitive to poverty issues, and obsessed with finding cost-effective, sustainable solutions through the engagement of multi-sector stakeholders.

Rohini has a Masters degree in Social Work from the Delhi University and for over a decade has worked in remote rural areas of Bengal, where she was also the founding member of a grassroots not-for-profit advocacy group that took up democracy and governance issues on behalf of the rural underprivileged. Her understanding of village economy with organic links to climate, geography and region history, including both official and unofficial political structures, are some of the many sensitivities she brings into heading the Policy and Advocacy portfolio.

Rohini Mukherjee,
Chief Policy Officer