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David Hogg

David heads the Livelihoods division at Naandi. He is a sustainable agriculture expert with 35 years of experience in New Zealand and India, specialising in ecological restoration through responsible agriculture, organic farm management, and animal husbandry, specialising in dairy and equine management.

In his current role at Naandi, David oversees the Sustainable Livelihoods projects and provides expert input on agricultural supply chain management. David’s experience in organic coffee goes back 33 years and includes organic conversion of estates, nursery management, field design/organic fertilisation, and coffee processing. Some of the coffees developed through David’s work have gone on to win domestic and international awards and many are exported as premium specialty products.

David is an appointed member of the Indian Coffee Board Regional Advisory Committee of the Palani Region from 2003, Director of the BASIL Academy in Mysore, and a past consultant with SRTT, IFAD, and FAO.

David Hogg,
Chief Sustainability Officer