Our Work

India is battling a deadly wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare systems are stretched. Vulnerable communities are at risk.

While our work with marginalised communities has focused on education, livelihoods, and agriculture so far, the severity of the situation compels us to go beyond. Time has come for us to stretch out and ensure we protect these communities against the COVID-19 virus and save lives. We are partnering with NICE Foundation to offer support in the form of preventive and treatment-based medical care to communities spread across India. Beginning with 600 villages in Araku, the initiative aims to provide home/community care including thermal screening, oxygen monitoring and provision of medicines under medical supervision. Through home-care and early diagnosis, we aim to prevent hospitalisation thereby reducing the load on our existing healthcare systems.

We are working round the clock to counter this unprecedented health crisis that our country is facing. With your support, this battle can be won faster and more effectively. Donations within the US are facilitated by the Mahindra Foundation. Indian individuals or companies who wish to donate to Naandi's efforts can write to us at

No-one is safe until everyone is safe. We need to act now!