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Manoj Kumar explains how marginalised farmers stepped out of poverty

11 / 12 / 2017

The Araku Coffee is now available internationally, with a first store in Paris. It is a premium-quality coffee produced by Indian tribes which were living on the fringes of society some years ago. This incredible achievement has been possible thanks to the tremendous work done by the Naandi Foundation, one of the largest social sector organizations in India. Founded in 1998, Naandi was born out of the idea of creating a professionally run organization managed by eminent business leaders. It implements solutions tackling education of girls, safe drinking water and sanitation, sustainable agriculture, skilling and employment for youth, safe motherhood and early childhood development. With a team of 300 full time professionals and over 3000 front line development workers, Naandi’s approach is to listen intently to communities it serves and make them equal partners in solving their problems.

Manoj Kumar, CEO of the Naandi foundation, unveils some of the actions implemented by his organization to help marginalized tribes produce a world-class coffee while increasing their food security. An inspiring journey worth sharing.

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From marginalisation to premium coffee marketing : the inspiring story of Araku people in India :

From time to time, extreme ends of the world connect for the best. Some years ago, who would have bet that the Adivasis, marginalized tribes in a remote valley of India would be able to produce and market a best-in-class coffee to affluent Westerners? Last week in Le Marais, a chic neighborhood of Paris, the opening of a nicely designed Araku Coffee «boutique» draw a lot of attention from the media. This milestone is the result of years of hard field-work by the Naandi Foundation, a non-for-profit Indian organization. With support from the Livelihoods Fund, the Naandi Foundation gradually empowered thousands of Adivasi farmers to produce coffee while preserving their natural resources. An amazing story from which some learnings can be shared.

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